Cape Cod Bluefin Tuna Fishing Reports (10/8/2012)


The action has been excellent with most boats choosing to head to the BC Buoy and Regal Sword rather than the offshore canyons. There have been a good number of fish in the 600 to 800-pound class hooked up and caught, with Christian Giardini reporting the larger fish this week topped the 1,050-pound mark dressed out. Meat has been the way to go for the larger fish, with skirted ballyhoo the top choice. There are also good numbers of smaller tuna falling to splasher bars and plugs or , but most everyone is jazzed up by the big fish. Should be an interesting weekend, with many shops warning that these fish are moving north to south and could leave town due to a front or bait migration



All the chatter has been about the action east of Chatham, but the fish have been moving around between Crab Ledge and the Regal Sword. There are a lot of smaller tuna, perfect for casting to with unweighted and jighead mounted soft plastics; bubblegum is a top color, along with bone and even black on overcast days. But when it comes to explosive strikes, nothing beats having a tuna blow up on a topwater plug; offerings from Ocean Lures, Salty’s, Yo-zuri, Gibbs’, and others are top producers.

Some larger fish are being taken on splasher/bird spreader bars; one angler reported doing well on orange, but most folks run a variety in their spreads. Skirted ballyhoo might just be the most consistent producer, with combinations of red, green, and blue with white have been effective.

There have also been occasional pushes of bluefin from off the new cut up to Peaked Hill Bar; winds from the east have proven to be good harbingers of action as they push the bait in and the tuna have followed.

Many folks are still waiting for the giants to show up before heading out.



East of Chatham, there are mostly smaller fish out around the Regal Sword taking splasher bars or soft plastics/jighead combinations. There are some commercial sized tuna also being caught on trolled bait, including ballyhoo. The northeast winds just might push more fish in towards Nauset Inlet, where they have been seen working in very close at times, making them prime targets for casters.

In the bay, the Whiting Grounds and Peaked Hill Bar have produced commercial sized tuna, although the action is just starting to pick up. Chunking, whether pogies or bluefish, has been effective, but some anglers are still jigging up whiting or hake and fishing them under a kite; this technique also works well with bluefish.

Smaller bluefin are being reported in as close as Fisherman’s Ledge, where they been caught with plugs and soft plastics, with bubblegum the hot color.


As Texted to Hogy: 9/15

It was a gong show at sword today.  Magoo got a #400 and my buddys boat did 23 tuna on troll and casting.   Im free in Monday if I wanna try the shoot


Bluefin – A good bite of tuna in the 40 to 55-inch clasRs has been reported from Race Point to Peaked Hill Bar and towards the golf balls. Most are being taken on squid bars, but they are also falling for soft plastic/jighead combinations in black, silver, chart, and silver/blue. Vertical jigging is also a very effective mid-September technique, but for casting and jigging, nothing beats the soft plastic. The bite east of Chatham should be picking up even more and with the seas settling, a number of boats have gone out and reported some happy tuna out by the Regal Sword.

 9/10/2012 – Reported by Terry Nugent

We’ve managed to do a few trips over the last week in between the snotty weather we have been having. The Big Contender gives us windows that many other boats don’t have. With the tuna fishing still in full swing thats been the target for our trips. Its been great to have a bunch of tuna newbies on the boat with the action being as good as it is.

My regular sport Jeb wanted to show some friends of his what tuna fishing is all about. He brought two guys out that had never landed a tuna before. One of them has never landed ANY fish before. This was completely new for him. So when the short rigger bar exploded in white water and the little Shimano TLD began to scream, he got the nod to fight the fish. With a harness and some coaching from the Capt. he fought the fish like a pro! After 15-20 minutes I sunk the gaff into Kevin’s first fish EVER!!! A nice fat 54″ Chatham bluefin! Talk about getting started on the right foot!


9/6/2012 -Reported by dave peros

Lots of very positive reports on tuna to 200-pounds from Crab Ledge, the BC Buoy, and the Regal Sword. Plenty of finicky smaller fish feeding on halfbeaks, but they are taking plugs and jighead/soft plastic combinations. Spreader splash bars have been consistent producers in green/brown, rainbow, and natural squid, with other folks sticking with small spreader bars in black or dark green. Jeff Lubin told me of a buddy who was dragging a nice tuna behind his boat when a great white took a nice big chunk out of it. Peaked Hill Bar has had spurts of action as well, with casters, including flyrodders, picking up fish from 30 to 80-pounds. Cape Cod Bay is seeing more giants being caught, mainly on live baits fished from kites.

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