Cape Cod Fishing Report: Chasing Tuna and Bass 6/28

From: Capt. Terry Nugent
Riptide Charters

Hot Baits: Hogy® 10inch Doublewide Bubble Gum

Rigging: Hogy® 12/0 Barbarian Swim Bait Hook

I had Clarence and his crew on the boat for a combo trip off yesterday. The game plan was tuna early then hit the rips when the tide came around in the late morning. We splashed and headed out. En route a buddy called and was having engine issues. We diverted and got them out of trouble with a temporary fix that would hold them until another friend could run them out the actual part they needed a little later in the morning.

While we were helping out I couldn’t help but notice the piles of gulls hitting the water in the rips. So plan A into the wind and we ran over to get some bass action in early. First cast with the Hogy® Bubblegum 10″ Doublewide had us tight to bass up to 25#. Consistent big fish just kept crashing the Hogy’s® right up to the side of the boat.

Once the action slowed and we had a good number of fish under our belt we headed out to the tuna grounds. The word was that things were slow. A few fish were taken, but for the most part it was limited. The crew had paid for a whale watch out of P-Town the day before our trip. If that wasn’t wasted money I don’t know what is! We got right up close and personal with a Nat Geo level whale show. While keeping a safe distance we shut down and let the life come right to us. We had several species of whales actively bubble feeding all around us. Even the NOAA boats were out there doing research. It was quite the show.

After tuna wishing and whale watching we made a long run to recon a new area. We got on site and found birds and some HUGE marks on the sounder. What looked like it may have been small tuna turned into MONSTER bass and GIGANTIC bluefish. Even on the tuna gear these fish put up a battle. A newly chipped tip top on a Big Gun cost us a 2 bass in the 40# range before we figured out why the hell 80# braid was snapping boat side.

We left the land of the giants when the blues got too pushy and ran to the rips for the planned afternoon bite. Once again the Hogy’s®’ got the attention on top. While not as hectic of action as I had hoped for we had enough fish to round of the day. With a tired crew I aimed for home and we flew in skimming over the building wave tops.

(TODAYS RIGGING NOTE) I’ve been a fan of the Hogy “Grip Hook” since we landed the first tuna on a Hogy with one several years back. However, I have a new favorite rig for bass. Recently I began using the 12/0 Barbarian Swim bait Hook. All I can say is it is simply amazing when throwing large rubber baits.

The bait keeper corkscrew allows you to REALLY lean into a cast without fear of the rubber coming free from the hook and does not need to be glued. The 12/0 size give plenty of bite on the fish even when used with a lure as meaty as the 10″ Doublewide. Lastly I’ve always loved my Top shot lip gaff for the “V” shaped bend in the throat and how it allows for a straight pull from the line to the center of the hook. The Barbarian hook has the same design. You get outstanding hookups and super penetration with this design.

Capt. Terry Nugent
Riptide Charters

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