Using the Floating 10inch Doublewide for Striped Bass. Captain Mike Hogan, fishing top water soft baits, while casting for striped bass off Woods Hole.


  • Cast up-current and work the bait as it swings into the rip.
  • Keep your tipp pointed toward the water as you retrieve the bait.
  • Pausing will allow the bait to float back up to the surface.

Season: July

Location: Elizabeth Islands, Cape Cod, out going tide.

Rod: 8′ St. Croix Avid

Reel: Sustain 5000

Line: 40LB Power Pro

Leader: 40lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon Leader

Soft Bait Selection: Hogy® Floating 10inch Doublewide

Rigging Selection: Hogy® 6/0 Soft Circle Hook