Pitch Baits for Sailfish and Marlin

Pitching soft baits to marlin and sailfish are great for those angler who prefer to fish with artificials but are not able to cast a fly rod.

Pitching soft baits has a few advantages:

  1. Baits are easy to rig
  2. They have amzaing action
  3. Choose the hot color
  4. They can be fished on heavy gear.
  5. Unlike hard baits, they have a natural feel
  6. The one lure that fishes well with circle hooks

Billfish Switching:

is often done on the fly and when pitching with soft baits, the hard part is not pulling the trigger until you have a proper range. When a fish is properly teased up, it is fearless of the boat. Your best off waiting for the perfect shot. When read, wait the the boat is taken out of gear, (like you would fly fishing) and take your shot.

Site Casting to Marlin:

is a blast when you get that rare opportunity to do so. In our waters up here in New England, we come accross white marlin sunning themselves from time to time. Pitching a live eel or live scup to a white marlin is standard operating procedure. Only problem is, the scarble to get rigged up. Soft baits can be rigged and ready to go before even leaving the dock, so they make a great rigged an ready bait. And Better yet, they are gobbled by white marlin as quickly as the reel thing.

A Few Suggestions When Pitching Lures to Sailfish and Marlin

  • When pitching, a high arc cast while create the most noise for when the bait hits the water and will draw attention.
  • Do your best for a horizontal presentation, a straight on shot (like with bait) is a hard hook set.
  • If site casting, we recommend completely unweighted rigging. This will allow for a longer hang time in front of the fish.

Recommended Rigging

Sailfish Pitch Baits

10inch Hogy Original (Unrigged Weight: 1oz) The 10inch model has amazing action. It’s just big enough to pitch on sailfish outfits, but not to big for a difficult hook-set. (Also a perfect size for trolling teasers)

Marlin Pitch Baits

10inch Hogy Double Wide (Unrigged Weight: 2.5oz) Assuming you casting with heavier outfits, you’ll appreciate the extra weight.

Rigging Pitch Baits for Billfish: Soft Circle Hooks

Circle hooks are required when targeting billfish in many locales. Though not always the case with artificials many tournaments require the use of circle hooks for all applications. In that tone, we strongly suggest using our soft bait circle hook rigging method.

Instructions and Under Water Video

  • Not only will you be compliant in any fishing situation, harming fewer fish but also, your landing up ratio will increase with this method.
  • Since there is so little “hook” in the soft-bait, you’ll be amazed by its action.


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