Pro Talk: Jigging Lures For The Channel Islands Vermillion Rockfish

15 Minutes with: Capt. Tony Vultaggio



Here’s what we learned. . .


Location: The Channel Islands, California

Tides: The high outgoing produced the best.

Approach: Fishing along the islands can be a little tricky. The Reds’s were holding around the tops of high spots in 80′ – 120′.  Proper boat positioning is key for pinpoint presentations when jigging for Vermillion Rockfish.

Rigging Selection: The Hogy 7/0 Drop Shot Rig HD and 2oz Deep Darter Head

Bait Selection: The Hogy® Sand Eel Series





Why this bait?  The Hogy® Sand Eel is perfect for imitating juvenile sardines and anchovy that make their way to the bottom.

Colors: Dark Sand Eel, Anchovy

Retrieve: A standard drop shot jigging technique. Drop the bait to the bottom and begin shaking the rod tip to vibrate the Hogy® Sand Eel. Pause for a moment, then begin shaking the rod tip again. Strikes were a long, strong pull and the fish inhaled the bait and began swimming away. When using the 2oz Deep Darter Head, let the bait to the bottom and begin slowing swimming it 3′ – 5′ above the bottom. Make sure to drop it back down every so often to maintain contact with the bottom.


Boat: Jesse Mae 28’ Radon

Reel: Penn Torque 15

Rod: Penn Carnage 20-50lb 7’

Line: 50lb Spider Wire Stealth

Leader: 20’ 30lb Big Game Top Shot – Albright Knot

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