About Hogy

Founder Capt. Mike Hogan

Tactical Approach

We take a tactical approach to product design. We believe that it is impossible to have just one lure that “does it all” and be the best availableoption in any fishing situation. So rather than design just one lure that fits every situation, we have designed a number of soft-bait series that when paired with the proper rigging will put you in top position to score in any fishing situation.

Hogy Brand Soft Baits:

Our custom soft baits are crafted with the finest quality of plastic available. We stay away from heat stabilizers and fillers so our plastic is pure so that means our baits are both soft AND tough. You get the best of both world: Great fish catching action and the durability to catch more fish.

Hogy Brand Rigging:

Our rigging is trophy class strong. Taking the “custom” approach, we make hooks and rigs to fit just about every situation you can imagine. Our rigging is designed with certain baits in mind, so you will always have a “perfect” fit. From crimps to keepers, we use the finest components around.

Hogy Brand Trolling:

Each rig is design for superior trolling performance. Our trolling rigs are designed to catch trophy sized fish within their class. We design our trolling lures for minimal drag so they are enjoyable to fish with.

Hogy’s History

Hogy Lure Company was founded by Capt. Mike Hogan who designed each product in the field. Capt. Mike has fished all over the country and has developed products and techniques along the way, all with big fish in mind.

We started in 2004 when I left my office job in Boston and moved back to Cape Cod in order to get closer to fishing. I began running inshore and offshore charters again, focusing on trophy class fishing. I don’t use live or dead bait, so I found myself needing baits for very specific situations to compete with live bait anglers.  As a result, I saw a demand for large-style soft baits that mimicked the larger larger baits

I was trying to imitate.  I spent many months working on the special blend of soft plastic and finally came up with the current plastic blend that we use today. I immediately saw how effective large soft baits were both inshore and off-shore. I never intended to bring the new lures to market, I used them on my charters and gave them to my friends who referred to them as “Hogys”

My first experience selling Hogy Lures was at a sportsman show in Massachusetts. I remember the mountain of softbaits I had on the table I set up. I didn’t even have packaging. Much to my great pleasure, I sold out by early afternoon the first day. The same thing happened at the following show in Rhode Island. It was then I knew I was on to something. In 2005 we incorporated and later filed for a patent that we finally received in 2009.

In 2012, we launched our sister brand, Standard Issue Tackle, which carries the tag line: “Classics Made Better.” The idea behind Standard Issue Tackle, was to bring Hogy’s innovation and commitment to quality to products that have been around for a while. Today, Standard Issue Tackle (Commonly known as SI Tackle) offers leading products both inshore and offshore. Si’s best sellers are the Perfect Tubes, Epoxy Jigs, Heavy Minnows and Flexi Bars.

We have sold Hogy Lures and Standard Issue Tackle to anglers in all 50 states and in 32 different countries. Even though we are much bigger now than just a “guide with a table” we still hand-pour soft baits with top grade plastic, rig our products with the best components from around the world and our commitment to quality is as important to us as it was on day one.

Thank you for listening to my story.
Sincerely, Capt. Mike



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