Best Sellers: Amberjack Lures

Big soft baits are great candidates for AJs. Their bright colors, fluid action can entice an AJ from just about any depth. Rig big soft-baits for AJs for all levels of the water column. Make sure your rigging is 2x strong so you can put the necessary pressure to land the fish quickly.

Top Ranked Amberjack Soft Baits

10inch Hogy® Jiggin: Perfect bait for speed jigging for amberjack as it allows for large jig head. The 10inch size is the perfect  combination of visible size and good hook ratios. We recommend trailer on the 13″ versions. Bubble Gum, bone and amber are the most popular lure colors for AJs

14inch Hogy® Original: Retrieve quickly for exciting surface amberjack action. The large size will create all kinds of surface commotion. The 14″ Original weighs nearly 2oz, so they can be cas on heavy outfits needed for landing large top water amberjacks.

Amberjack Fishing Videos: More Here!


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