Data Sheet: Hogy® Barbarian Jig Heads


Designed around VMC’s Barbarian Hook series. These heavy duty jig heads are tough enough for the biggest bass, grouper and cobia. A personal favorite of many Hogy® Elite Pro Staffers. The unique design of the technical locking curve allows a maximum transfer of energy towards the point while setting the hook. This results in a faster and more effortless penetration of the point and up to 25% improved hooking rate. The hooks V shape locks the fish close to the shank, applying less pressure on the point. This prevents big fish from opening the hook and self-releasing.



Sizes Available: 1/2, 3/4, 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4.5oz.
Hook: 10/0 VMC Barbarian Hook
Recommend Soft Baits:  Hogy® 10inch Jiggin’, Hogy® 13inch Jiggin’


Rigging Instructions:


Pro Staff Testimonial:

The Barbarian Jig: A users guide

Written by Eric Harrison

I had been looking for the right jig head for over ten years—after switching from fishing the canal to the much shallower waters of Boston Harbor, I was looking for a head that would swim my plastics and keep them out of the rocks. I kept trying new heads and they all failed for one reason or another. Some snagged too easily, some had hooks that bent way too easily, and most just didn’t swim right in really shallow water.

The Lighter Barbarian Jigs are designed for fishing around rocks shallow water—less than 15’. That isn’t its only application, it is great for tossing baits on breaking fish, but that isn’t the original design focus.

The challenge with fishing around boulder fields and shallow rips is that the bottoms are uneven and usually covered with weeds. Many anglers avoid these spots because they think that they can’t be fished because of the snags. In some spots I fish plastics, I get hung up with top waters! But a single hook jig head with a big plastic retrieved at the proper speed will slide over most snags and bounce off rocks.. . . . Read More

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