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Cod feed on bait fish such as herring and sand eels, molluscs, crabs, starfish, worms, and squid. All easily imitated by large soft baits. For years, anglers have been using small soft baits as teaser for codfish and haddock above large diamond jigs. By swapping out to a 10″ teaser, you’ll cut down on the amount of short fish. You’ll also get noticed. There’s a lot of lat-line sensing going on down there in 200′ plus water. Give them a bigger target! Don’t get us wrong; the little guys will still hit it, but you’ll hook fewer. A BIG time saver when you’re talking deep water.
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Top Ranked Cod and Haddock Lures

Chili Pepper Diagram 640px

Chili Pepper Stingers with Hammered Jigs: An updated take on a classic presentation. The SI Hammered Jig paired with a Chili Pepper Stinger are perfectly match for vertically jigging deep water ground fish.

Original Series Diagram 640

Hogy® Original Series: These Eel imitating baits have been proven to catch big cod and haddock. The 10inch size is standard for normal cod fishing.  A favorite when rigged on the 11/ Drop Shot Rig HD.


 Top Ranked Cod and Haddock Rigging:

2013 Drop Shot Diagram 640px

Hogy Drop Shot Rigs: Perfectly designed for pinpoint vertical jigging presentation, these X-Strong drop shot rigs are ready to fish deep. Just pair with an appropriate sized sinker or jig head, then tip with the Hogy® 10inch Original Series for a deadly combination.

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