Top Sellers: Best Live Eel Imitations


Ahh the eel… The favorite of so many game fish around the world. While it is hard to beat the effectiveness of an actual live eel, there are indeed times when you can out fish live eels them with eel-like lures.

Fishing to win with Hogy soft plastic eels:

1. Weight: You can control where you are fishing in the water column with how much weight you add to your soft plastic eels.  You can fish eel imitations both weightedand un-weighted. This is especially important when casting with eels as you can keep your baits exactly where you want it in the water column. It’s pretty hard to make a live eel a surface bait!

2. Retrieve speed: You can fish your soft plastic eels at any speed. With live eels, you are limited to only on speed if you casting. With eel imitations, you can fish your baits as fast as you’d like. (Which we recommend) With live eels, you only have one speed, which is slow.

3. Rigging: Live eels only have one hook, usually in the nose. With Hogy soft baits, you can utilize our tandem rig design to minimize short strikes.

Eel Imitation Colors

Black: Most common. Since eels are most often fished at night, black is the most obvious color. Black is a great always a nighttime color!

Blamber Eel: We designed this color for the perfect eel imitation.

Black Pearl: Often cited as great eel pattern. Tied with blamber eel for top seller for anglers looking to imitate eels for stripers and cobia

Bone: Great day time or full moon color.

Bubble Gum: Great day time or full moon color.


Best Selling Hogy Eel Lures

14” Original Hogy Tandem Rigged Eel


14” Original Hogy rigged on swimming Tin rigged eel


14” Hogy original jig head and darter rigged eel


14” Hogy Original Swim bait Rigged


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