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At Hogy Lure Co, how to store large soft baits is an often-discussed topic since they make the biggest soft-baits on the market.  Soft baits and tubes need to be stored in a manner that won’t kink, thereby impacting their action. Regardless of size, the debate has always been whether to go with a hard tackle box or soft-sided case. Each has it’s own challenges to storing large baits.

Available in three sizes designed to accommodate large soft baits and tubes up to 40 inches in length, Hogy storage bags are constructed of double-sided heavy duty, marine grade self draining mesh with hook and loop closures straps with no metal parts to corrode.

The large tube roll up bag allows tubes or other very long lures up to 28” to be stored straight or with the perfect, slight bend preferred by many striper fishermen. Bags are available in various colors for quick organization. Prices start at $24.95.

Roll Up Bag Pockets    Stores Baits Up To    Application
Single 10″ X 10 1 8inches Single Rigged Baits
12″ Double Mesh Roll Up 5 10inches Un-Rigged Casting/Jigging Baits
16″ Double Mesh Roll Up 5 14inches Un-Rigged Casting/Jigging Baits
32″ Vinyl Mesh Tube Pouch 1 30inches Tube and Worm
32″ Vinyl Mesh Tube Roll Up 4 30inches Tube and Worm
32″ Vinyl Mesh Spreader Bar Pouch
1 30inches Spreader Bar
34″ Vinyl Mesh Spreader Bar Pouch
1 32inches Spreader Bar
42″ Vinyl Mesh Spreader Bar Pouch 1 40inches Spreader Bar
The Entire Spread Bag 4 40inches Spreader Bar – Trolling Lures
The Jig Bag 4 10inches Painted Jigs/Hammered Jigs/Rigging
The Rig Man Bag 11 12inches Crimping Tools – Terminal Tackle

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