Best Jigs for the Cape Cod Canal


Hogy Barbarian Series: While the Barbarian jig heads are popular heavy-duty jig heads for school sized tuna, they were originally designed for fishing in the Cape Cod Canal.

To deal with the current runs up to 8 knots, we were getting requests from anglers to make a 2x strong jig head that could support the pressure of an angler putting the boots to a large fish that was running with the tide.


Barbarian Jig Heads:


Jiggn’ Hogy: The Hogy Jiggn’ Bait has a solid body with a blunt head ready to accommodate large jig heads.






Top Ranked colors for Cape Cod Canal Soft Baits:

  1. Bone
  2. Blamber
  3. Silver Herring
  4. Mackerel


Pros-Soft Bait Glue: With the force associated with casting large soft baits with large canal sticks, we recommend a drop of soft bait glue or super glue between the jig head and the head of the bait.


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