Hogy Best Sellers: Best Lake Trout Ice Fishing Lures

Lake trout are big fans of big baits. Lake trout eat rout, salmon and suckers. All of which are about 10″ in length. The Hogy 10inch Jiggin series are the best size for lake trout ice fishing. Since Bernies video aired on Field And Stream (BELOW) we can tell you when the lake ice overs accross the country when we see 10inch jiggin baits flying off the shelf and headed to the mid-west. Big soft baits make the best ice fishing lures. Also a best kept secret.

Top Ranked Ice Fishing Lake Trout Lures

10inch Hogy® Jigging: A Perfect bait for jigging to monster lake trout. Pair with the Barbarian Series Jig Heads for big lake trout through the ice. Bernie’s best lake trout jigging colors are bone, rainbow bunker and black.


Top Ranked Ice Caught Lake Trout Rigging:

Hogy® Barbarian Series Jig Heads: The unique design of the technical locking curve allows a maximum transfer of energy towards the point while setting the hook. This results in a faster and more effortless penetration of the point and up to 25% improved hooking rate.

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