Best Lures For Florida Blackfin Tuna

15 Minutes With Capt. Travis Holeman


Location: Florida Keys

Season: Late summer/fall tuna push

Tides/Current: These fish are generally located in or very near the gulf stream.
Key West Epoxy Jig Blackfin Tuna Fishing Lures
Approach: Several methods are productive. Casting SI Epoxy jigs at surface feeding fish is of course the most fun and easiest way to catch. However the tuna could be swimming near the surface, digesting the days feed.  In this case casting ahead of the traveling fish or trolling with long long lines to allow for wide passes can generate hits.  When they are actively rounding up bait dropping jigs into the tuna is also productive.

Retrieve: If the fish are feeding on the surface a fast surface breaking retrieve is the one.  Waking fish will eat a long cast or troll that’s fast and only breaks the surface at the beginning to get noticed. Lots of times a well placed shot will get hit as it falls after a few seconds so don’t retrieve immediately.  If you don’t get results, get it moving. Dropping into fish 100-300 feet down is more of a count down and jig up game.  Often the bite comes on the drop.

Bait Selection: SI Epoxy Jig 4-6inch

Why this bait? Most of the forage species are 4″- 6″ this time of year. The forage could be squid, flying fish and a host of others.
Large Epoxy Jig Green Silver
Colors: Green/silver, blue/silver, pink/silver, and black/silver art my go to colors

Rod: Shimano 7′ Travala jigging rod light action
Reel: Shimano Saragosa 6000
Line: 30lb Power Pro Braid super slick
Leader: 40lb Fluorocarbon

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