Big or small, snook like big soft baits. Stick to bright colors in day light conditions and focus on darker colors in darker conditions. For skipping docks and sea walls, stick with the skinny series and smaller originals, up to 7inches. Nighttime is a different story. Go big at night. In lights fish bone. Darker shadows, try black. 10inch Original and 9inch Skinny are tops at night.


Top Ranked Snook Lures:


The Six Inch Skinny: A perfect profile for all sizes of snook. Our favorite daytime bait.


The Seven Inch Original: Perfect imitator of finger mullet. Paired with an unweighted swim bait hook, it can be skipped deep under docks and mangroves.

Top Ranked Snook Rigging:


Swim Bait Hooks: Just match the size of bait with the correct unweighted swimbait hook and you can skip baits deep into docks and bushes. Super strong for the big un’s.


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