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When targeting blackfin tuna, the use of the Hogy provides a great alternative to trolling.  Tips Articles

Top Ranked Blackfin Tuna Lures:

The 7inch Original: The 7inch Original has a short wide profile that perfectly imitates sardines, mullet, or many of the smaller forage that black fin are fond of. Many anglers are trolling this size in black, utilizing a technique known as the Light Tackle Drop For Blackfin.

The 9inch Skinny: We don’t know why this one works, all we know is that it does. Black is our number #1 seller, but bone, bubble gum and amber all all equally as effective.

Top Ranked Blackfin Tuna Rigging:

5/0 Swimbait Hook: Weedless. 3/8oz will add extra casting distance. The extra weight in the nose will stabilize the front portion of the bait allowing for maximum tail wiggle when trolling short in a boat wake.

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