Boat Talk: Silverhawk 24′ (2001)

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After many years of guiding and lots of different boats I learned that one boat doesn’t do everything I want. So I have two a silverhawk 24’ and a Hewes Bonefisher 16’. Having 2 boats gives my customers a wide variety of fishing options.

LOA: 27’
Fuel: 163
Engine(s): Yamaha f250
Gunnel Height: 3’
MPG @at 4000RPM: 2.6

Cruising speed at:
3500 rpm: 25 mph
4500 rpm: 34 mph


Why did you pick this boat?
I picked this boat because it’s based off the classic 23’ seacraft. Silverhawk modified the hull by closing in transom adding a little length, beam and some flair to bow. This boat allows me to fish inshore ,offshore and still get shallow in the rocks.

Did you make any improvements?
Of course I did, where do I start? I purchased the boat used in 2006 and it wasn’t rigged to charter I think it was used to go to beach. I have basically rebuilt the entire boat, wiring, pumps, and agm batteries. It’s been outfitted with all new Raymarine electronics including sirius/wx also. After 2 seasons I had a custom T-top installed, that wouldn’t hinder casting from any direction. Two years ago I ripped off the twin engines and converted it to a single.

Any Dislikes?

I wish the deck drained a little faster but that might be my next project.

How does the boat ride?

The boat rides amazing for it’s size it feels much bigger than it is. I think the biggest improvement besides switching to a single was adding the 4 blade Power Tech prop. It allows me to cruise at the same speed but has dropped my rpms by 500 and get .5 mpg better.

How does it handle at cruising speed? Like a Cat on Velcro

Is it dry/wet?

No CC is completely dry, but this one is close. Yes a 4 blade prop

Handling Drifting:
No It drifts really well That’s the beauty of a variable dead rise hull, It handle the chop but will won’t roll at drift.

Gear Storage: Tons of storage as a guide you need to bring lots of gear and safety equipment.

Fish Storage: 2 fish boxes in deck.

How many people is comfortable: 3-4


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