Capt. Tyler Nonn’s Profile

Capt. Tyler Nonn  twcharters.com

Guide Profile:

Boat: Jones Brothers 23’ Cape Fisherman

Rod for this method: 7’ St. Croix Mojo Inshore MH

Reel For this method: Shimano Sustain 4000

Line: 30lb Hi-Vis Power Pro

Website: twcharters.com

Contact Info: tidewaterchartersllc@gmail.com


Fishery Profile

Species: Striped Bass Fishing

Method/Technique: Casting

Season/Migration: Spring and Fall Migratory Striped Bass Run

Location: Mid Atlantic Coastal waters and Chesapeake Bay


Soft Bait Selection

Model: 10”, 14” Hogy Original and Hogy Jiggin Paddle 7” thumper tails

Color: Bone, Bubble Gum, and Green Sexy

Rigging: 10/0 Un-weighted swimbait hook, barbarian jig heads, and soft circle hook


Technique Profile

The Season: April and May. Large runs of shad and herring push into the Upper Chesapeake Bay and the giant migratory striped bass come right up behind them after wintering over off the shores of Virginia.

Location:Upper Chesapeake Bay and tributaries.

The Structure: Miles of shallow grass flats and countless river and creek mouths.  

Method: Early season jigging off ledges and staging areas where the striped bass are preparing to spawn, chasing American Shad, Hickory Shad and Herring.

Hogy Selection: I use the Bone color because it closely resembles a herring or shad. The Bubble Gum and Green Sexy often draw a predatory response from sometimes lethargic stripers on grass flats. When jigging on ledges and structure, early and late season, the barbarian jig heads from ¼oz and larger, are a must to hold onto hard-mouthed stripers. When fish are working baits on the flats, soft circle hook rigs and the barbarian unweighted 10/0 swimbait hooks are unbeatable!

Time of Day:  Low light periods.

Tides: Last few hours of the incoming and first few hours of the outgoing tide.

Weather Conditions: Overcast, rainy, and choppy days are the best.  

What boat: A small to medium size center console like the Jones Brothers you to get into shallow flats but still has a sharp hull entry to cut through rough choppy early spring waters of the Chesapeake and coastal Atlantic waters.

Special Tip: Try to avoid running your outboard when fishing shallow flats. Outboards spook big bass and given them a case of lockjaw. Also try using the thinner diameter braided lines to cast your soft baits far from the boat to entice big boat shy fish. Remember you are in their environment and big fish will feel your boat especially on slick calm days in shallow water.

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