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Boats: Customized Maritime Skiff 1890; Mitzi Skiff 17

Guiding Experience: 12 years, but as a summer resident I was three months old and a full time washashore since 1987, I have had the Cape in my blood for a long time. I love visiting other spots to fish, but there is something unique about this big sand sand spit that always brings me home.

Philosophy: When I went into guiding, I elected to go with a small boat/trailering approach that allows me to move about the Cape according to where the best opportunities for light tackle/fly fishing exist at the time. One day you might find me along the Elizabeth Islands casting into the boulders, rips, and other structure that make this island chain so well known, while the next I could be working the flats from Barnstable to Brewster and the following tossing big Hogy’s in the rips off of Chatham. The Cape is a world class fishery and being mobile means I can take advantage of the best of the best.

Hogy Approach: Since I had already been tuned in to the effectiveness of soft plastics for spin anglers and got hooked on Mike’s design the first time I saw his original prototype when we were false albacore fishing at Harkers Island in North Carolina, I have been all in with Hogy’s since the beginning. There is little doubt that if I had to choose one Hogy, it would be the seven-inch amber. I am an albie addict and I have seen this bait work wherever these little tunoids are found. I can’t tell you how many folks look at me and say, “Something that big is going to work?”, but once they see how effective they are, they’re hooked.

I use the full spread of Hogy’s, from the ten inch original and Double Wides for the spring squid run around Nantucket and Vineyard Sounds, as well as later off of Chatham; the ten and seven-inch Originals for early season Barnstable push of big bass and the Skinny’s when the fish turn to sand eels and sight fishing turns on, as well as the same baits in upper Buzzards Bay and Cape Cod Bay all season long; and the seven-inch and Skinny’s when the bonito and albies show up.

I’m really excited about giving the Hogy 14-inch Originals a legitimate run this season for night fishing along the Elizabeths as a substitute for live eels. As with all things, there is a learning curve, but when you have Mike showing you personally how it’s done, that curve gets shortened. Stay tuned for details.
I fish them on the Swimbait Hooks, both weighted and unweight; offset worm hooks; and on jigheads of various weights. There is no more versatile line of baits out there than the Hogy Brand.

Equipment Choices: I carry a full line of St. Croix Tidemaster and Avid Inshore rods on board to match what bait and weighting system is producing. It is not uncommon to see my boat bristling with eight to 12 rods, each rigged a different way to accommodate a full line of Hogy lures, each rod matched with a Shimano Sustain or Saragosa spinning reel. While Mike and I agree on the use of fluorocarbon for leaders, I am still a mono guy, with Silver Thread in 8, 14, and 17 pound test my preference. I don’t use any swivels between main line and leader, using blood knots to connect 20 or 30 pound Seaguar to the main line or an Albright or Slim Beauty if I go with shock leaders when fishing for toothy critters like bluefish or Spanish mackerel.

I often use simple Duolock snaps if I want to change colors quite often, but if under clear, sunny conditions I am getting refusals, I return to my fly fishing roots and eliminate the hardware, going with a nonslip loop knot or a Homer Rhodes look knot in heavy material.

Favorite fishing memory: Wherever I am at the moment, although it is tough to top sunset along the Elizabeths.

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