Captain Mike Hogan’s Profile

Species/Technique Profile

Species Title: Striped Bass Fishing

Method/Technique: Casting

Season/Migration: Spring Squid run off Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard

Location: Cape cod


Guide Profile

Boat: 23 Pathfinder DV

Rod for this method: 7’ 6” St. Croix Tidemaster MH

Reel For this method: Shimano Sustain 4000

Line: 40lb Test Finz

Website: Hogycharters.com

Contact Info: info@hogylures.com


Soft Bait Selection

Model: 10” and 14” Hogy Original

Color: Amber and Bubble Gum

Rigging: 10/0 Unweighted Swimbait Hook


Tell us a little about each and how the impact your fishing

The season: May-June. The squid come into vineyard sound to spawn. The area is very tidal and the squid get sucked into the rips during the peak of the tides and become very vulnerable to srtipers that stage behind the sand bars weighting for prey.

Location: Middle Ground Shoal, Cape Cod, Ma

The Structure: Long Sand bar that runs for 11 miles  East to West alongside vineyard sound.

Method: Cast up tide and let the bait get swept into the rip as your working it in. Make sure your bait lands in the smooth portion of the water. Stem the tide with your boat in the smooth water. Do not anchor, too many weeds.

Hogy Selection: I use the amber and bubble gum colors as they most replicate Squid. IMPORTANT. Water is weedy this time of year, so weedless rigging is essential.

The time of Day:  Early morning is best. In bright sun, use bubble gum.

Tides: Stripers will favor either tide without warning. 1hour either side of peak is best.

Weather Conditions: Overcast and rainy days are the best.

What boat: A small center console  like the 23 Pathfinder DV allows for maxium maneuverability and stealth while still having enough boat in the water to stand up to big rips

Special Tip: There are a lot of boats that fish this area. The rip is long and the fish move back and forth through the tide. Spread out. Don’t crowd, there are fish in all nooks and crannies of the rip. Be patient and they’ll find you.

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