Captain Ross Gallagher’s Profile


Hogy Elite Pro Staff


Species/Technique Profile

Species Title: Snook Fishing

Method/Technique: Casting

Season/Migration: Late spring through early fall.

Location: Southwest Florida


Guide Profile

Boat: 25′ Everglades CC, 24′ Pathfinder CC

Rod for this method: 7’ 6” Temple Fork Gary Loomis Spinning

Reel For this method: Shimano SustainFG 5000

Line: 20lb Suffix 832

Contact Info: ross@hogylures.com

Soft Bait Selection

Model: 7″ and 10″ Original Series

Color: Amber and Bone

Rigging: Unweighted Swim Bait Hook


Tell us a little about each and how the impact your fishing

The season: May – October: Water temps are optimal for snook activity. The key is to fish while there is good tidal movement.

Location: Sanibel and Captiva Island

The Structure: Docks, Marinas, Deep Mangrove Shorelines and the Gulf Passes

Method: Skipping baits deep into heavy cover tends to be the most effective. If your not getting snagged or tangled somewhat often, your probably not close enough.

Hogy Selection: Amber is great for clear water conditions, it is a nice subtle color. Bone is always tied on at least one rod. It will work in any situation.

The time of Day:  Low light can be more productive, but strong tides mid day can be stellar as well.

Tides: Moving water is essential to getting double digit hook ups. Incoming or outgoing, it doesn’t matter, but my fishing location will change depending on the direction.

Weather Conditions: Fishing during low light is a lot more comfortable than hundred degree heat mid day.

What boat: A 19′ – 25′ bay or flats boat is ideal. You’ll need shallow draft to get into some way back spots. A good trolling motor and power pole make your life a lot easier too.

Special Tip: Snook fishing, as with most species peaks during good tides. Learn when to fish well known areas and you can have success in areas that others don’t.


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