Technique: Fishing the Swing: Part 1

Whether you’re fishing from shore or from a boat, you’re presentation in moving water will be the same. Often the best places to find fish in moving water is around structure where large predators can stem the tide and ambush their prey. Identify where fish are holding. Cast up tide (or current) and work your bait as it swings over your target.

Fishing Moving Water: Start by casting the lure slightly up current of the desired target area, be it an inlet, rip, hole, a cut bank, or piece of natural or man-made structure. Once it hits the water, lock in and engage the reel, (if unable to cast up-current, try feeding out some extra line to help keep the lure on target). As the lure descends, hold the rod in a stationary (“dead stick”) position of about 10 to 11 o’clock.

Be sure to keep the line tight as the lure drifts and free-falls down through the water column, standing ready for any small taps or sudden strikes. As the lure descends, the built-in action of the Hogy soft-plastic bait resembles a fast-diving, darting baitfish, swimming and fluttering as the lure swings with the current. The angler need not provide any action at all, the real work is done by the bait itself. And that’s the beauty in both the design and the technique.

Dead Drift: When fishing in an area with strong currents, the dead-drift can be an awesome technique for finicky fish that are stemming the tide. It’s very important to keep the line connected to the bait with as little belly in the line as possible while also letting the tide carry the bait. Start twitching the bait as it begins to swing inward toward your rod.

Casting a Rip (Saltwater):
I recommend casting perpendicular to the rip, and like dead drifting, I make very certain I am connected to the lure with no slack in the line. And then, changing retrieves, I’ll work the bait as it gets sucked into the rip. The twitches are more assertive in this mode than in a traditional jerk bait retrieve.

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  3. Flats Stripers 47inch

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