The 18inch Deep Drop Eel Lure For Swordfish | Tuna | Grouper


4 years in the making, we are proud to introduce the Hogy 18inch Deep Drop Eel for Swordfish, Tuna, Grouper and other deepwater species. Designed with the assistance of  multi-winning tournament angler and South Florida commercial Swordfish Captain, Corey Burlew.

How To: Deep Drop Soft Baits for Grouper and Snapper

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We join Capt. Moe and Capt. Eric of Journey South Outfitters in Venice, Louisiana for a few days of offshore fishing. In this segment we deep drop large Hogy Soft Baits for snapper and grouper in 350′ – 600′. Learn

How To Video: Sight Casting Lures For Mahi (Dolphin Fish)

mahi pic

Trolling lures and plugs is by far the most popular method for catching Mahi Mahi. Throughout the course of your day offshore, you will probably run across floating debris and vegetation. Even small items, like a drifting 5 gallon bucket

How To Rig a Skirted Ballyhoo


Learn how to rig your own ballyhoo like a pro. This complete kit has everything need to rig up perfect naked or skirted ballyhoo on the fly.

Snook Fishing Ft. Pierce


15 Minutes With Captain Chris Britton http://www.greyghostfishingcharters.com/ Location: Ft. Pierce Florida Tides: Moving tides are key for productive snook fishing. During the winter months, incoming tides push warmer water into the inter coastal areas where snook are holding in deep

How To: DIY Skirted Jig Kit


Learn how to make your own Swimming Jigs with this complete rigging kit. Featuring our most popular colors of 7inch HDUV Jigging Tails and 8inch HDUV Paddle Tails and Barbarian Jig Heads, this kit makes 8 total swimming jigs. Simple,

Rigging Jigs & Sand Eel Soft Baits


One of the fall’s most abundant bait fish, sand eels comprise a hefty portion of fall fishes diets. Gamefish keyed in on sand eels can be highly selective in size, profile, color pattern and can often refuse traditional presentations when

How To Fish Large Swimbaits For Tarpon


Capt. Ross Gallagher joins Capt. Travis Holeman [www.keywestangling.com] in Key West Florida targeting deepwater tarpon in mid May using oversize Swimbaits and Swimming Jigs. This video covers a number of tips and techniques for targeting tarpon with soft style Skirted

Video: Topwater Soft Baits For Cumberland River Stripers


This customer submitted video features a scenic backdrop of the Cumberland River where angler Clay McCord targets freshwater striped bass using topwater rigged 10inch Original Series Soft Baits rigged on the Soft Circle Hook. These rivers feature an abundance of

Video: SOCAL Yellowtail Fishing With Hogy SI Epoxy Surface Jig

SI Epoxy Jig For SOCAL Yellowtail Hobie Kayak

Watch as Morgan Promnitz of Hobie Kayak Company sight fishes for free swimming SOCAL Yellowtail using the SI 4oz Epoxy Surface Jig. The SI Epoxy jig offers highly reflective bait fish patterns and finishes while offering a traditional surface jig



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