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Hogy and SI Tackle lures catch big fish all around the world. We’re always adding new stories, tips, tricks and videos to this category. Below, browse by our most recent content, or check out each individual species on the left navigation bar.

Video: Trolling For Bluefin Tuna with Hogy Lures Harness Jigs

Join Capt. Mike Hogan and Capt. Nat Chalkley as they chase Cape Cod school bluefin tuna in mid June just south of The Claw, around 15 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard. Capt. Mike covers the techniques he likes to use for finding fish in open water, including a brief how-to on rigging and deploying the…

MFR_9977 copy

Video: Casting and Jigging Sand Eel Lures For Striped Bass

Watch Hogy’s Capt. Mike Hogan fish with top guide Sean Ruge of Riptide Charters where they vertical jig and top water cast for large striped bass off Provincetown on Cape Cod. Fishing the area know as the Race, this video shows textbook examples on how to target deep water large fish at slack tide and…


Pro Talk: Sight Fishing Virginia Summer Cobia

15 Minutes with: Capt. Tyler Nonn Here’s what we learned… Location: Chesapeake Bay and Virginia Coastal waters Tides: Both tides produce fish. Unlike winter Florida Keys cobia, Virginia fish generally will travel and show themselves on the surface during any part of the tide cycle. Tide lines and rips created by shoals or any structure…

Christina Weber Tarpon Fishing Intrepid Angler

Pro Talk: Light Tackle Tarpon Tips & Techniques

15 Minutes With Captain Ross Gallagher What we learned….   Location: Inland Florida Rivers, Bridges, Canals and Channels. Tides: Like all tarpon fishing scenarios, a moving tide is generally needed to initiate a strong feeding pattern. It’s common to see fish rolling and splashing during a slack tide, but the bite may be difficult…

Hogy Harness Jig Grouper

Best Jigs For Grouper Fishing

15 Minutes With Captain Ross Gallagher What we learned….   Location: Offshore Gulf Of Mexico Current: Depending on wind and moon phases, offshore current can vary dramatically. Jig weights may need to be adjusted to reach bottom. Approach: Vertical jigging for grouper can be used at any depth. It’s a highly efficient and effective…

Snook Matlacha

Q&A: How to Fish Hogy Lures for Snook

Capt. Ross Gallagher gives his picks for Hogy softbaits to throw while snook fishing in southern Florida.

Snook Thumper Paddle Tail

Q&A: Setting the Hook for Tarpon & Snook with Barbarian Jig Heads

Question I’ve recently started using the Hogy lures here in S. Florida for Snook and Tarpon. My setup consist of 7in paddle tails and your custom 1oz 10/0 Babarian jig heads. Just a question: I’ve had a lot of hook-ups with Tarpon and Snook where I fish (inlets) but the hook never sets and I…

KW Jumping Tarpon

Daytime Tarpon Techniques For Deepwater Beaches and Passes

15 Minutes With Captain Ross Gallagher What we learned…. Location: Coastal Florida Beaches and Passes Tides: Tarpon can feed on very specific tide phases depending on location. Generally, the first hour or two of a tide change are the most productive. Waiting out these feeding periods can require a lot of patience, but fishing…


Pro Talk: Targeting Creek Redfish

15 Minutes with Captain Tucker Blythe What we learned… Location: Charleston, SC Tides: Low incoming Approach: One of the great things about the marsh here in the Low Country is the vast system of tiny creeks that are rarely fished. These creeks can be a savior on those windy days when the flats are…