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Tech Soft-Bait Data

Check out the hottest soft-baits on the market here. Find out product information and a little more… Below, browse by most recent posting. -Or- check them out by “style” on the left nav.

HSK6 Dark Sand Eel

6inch Skinny Data Sheet

Product information for the Hogy 6-inch Skinny Series softbait.

9inch Skinny Weighted

9inch Skinny Data Sheet

The Hogy Skinny 9″: designed to target game fish that are specifically focused on bait fish with a thinner profile.

13inch Blamber Jigging 1oz

Data Sheet: 10-Inch and 13-Inch Jiggin’ Series

The Jiggin’ Series baits have a blunt head and a solid body that will not split on large jig heads. They are extremely durable but still feature the same amazing Hogy® action.


Data Sheet: 10-Inch Doublewide

These chubby baits are designed to mimic large bait fish with wide profiles. Due to their weight relative to their length, the Hogy Double Wide will outcast any other soft-bait of its type on the market. Perfect for the big game hunter with heavy gear. throw them a mile!

Data Sheet: 10-Inch Original

Data Sheet: 14inch Original

Product information for the 14″ Original Hogy soft bait.


Data Sheet: 4-inch Skinny Series

Product information for the 4-inch Hogy Skinny Series softbait.


Data Sheet: 4inch Jiggin

Product information for 4-inch Hogy Jiggin’ Series Soft Baits.

Data Sheet: 7-Inch Original

Designed for superior casting distance when compared to similarly sized soft plastics, the Hogy 7″ Original’s wider profile is designed to elicit strikes from larger game fish.

10inch Doublewide Kid

Data Sheet: 7inch Double wide

Product information for the 7″ Hogy Double Wide.