Testimonial: Chatham Tuna


We went out of Chatham Harbor last Friday morning and headed east. We were about 4 miles offshore and 20 minutes from the harbor entrance. We had plenty of marks on the fish finder and were jigging down deep with metal lures and no success. I saw some fish busting the surface about 30 yards away, so I took my other jigging rod, which was rigged with a 7″ double wide bone-colored Hogy on a 2 ounce darter head, and tried to cast into the fish.  Using a 5’8″ jigging rod only got me about 20 feet from the boat, but I figured why waste the cast. I started to twitch the Hogy back to the boat and only got about 3 strokes into the retrieve when my line stopped dead in the water. All I saw was a huge splash of water and my reel was screaming.  I was laughing like a mad man!  In the background on the radio charter captains were complaining because they were not getting any fish.  It took 20 minutes and a broken pole but we got the fish to the boat. A beautiful 59″ Bluefin!  I love those damn lures!

I forgot to tell you, We are just entering into the tuna world, all my
friends loved to laugh at me because I carry a bag dedicated to my Hogy’s.
No other brands.  This is the second time the Hogy’s have produced for
me while they just watch and wonder!

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