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Cobia are big fans of big baits. Cobia eat squid, crabs, flounder and just about anything they can get their mouths on. Each late winter/early spring we can tell you when the cobia show up down south when we see a lot of baby flounders, 10inch black soft baits paired with jig heads and swim bait hooks flying off the shelf. Whether you’re targeting cobia or just looking to be rigged and ready if one swims by your boat, big soft baits should be at the top of your list.  Tips Best Sellers Articles Cobia Videos

Top Ranked Cobia Lures

5″ Hogy® Flounder:  Whether you are trying to imitate a winter flounder, baby fluke or a sand dab, we have you covered with the Hogy® Flounder. Deep water candy.


10inch Hogy® Jigging: A Perfect bait for sight casting to monster cobia. Pair with the Barbarian Series Jig Heads for MONSTER grouper.


Hogy® Original Series: These Eel imitating baits have been proven to catch big cobia. The 10inch size is standard for normal cobia fishing. When monster cobia are around, try the 14inch size for super realistic eel-like swimming presentation. Our favorite ways to rig are on The Hogy® Barbarian Swim Bait Hook, or for added “insurance” anglers love to use our Double Hook Tandem Rigs.


Top Ranked Cobia Rigging:


Hogy® Barbarian Series Jig Heads: The unique design of the technical locking curve allows a maximum transfer of energy towards the point while setting the hook. This results in a faster and more effortless penetration of the point and up to 25% improved hooking rate.


Hogy® Barbarian Series Swim Bait Hooks:  Featuring the same 2x Strong hook as the Barbarian Jig Head. This swim bait hook is best suited for top water or slightly sub surface retrieve. A captain’s favorite for casting to pods of cobia on the surface.


Hogy® Tandem Rigs: For those anglers who like to add an “insurance policy” to their cobia bait, the tandem rig is bench crimped 130lb mono for a solid hook up. Each rig is desinged to fit the appropriate sized Original Series bait, using the unqiue rigging slot on the underside of the bait. No rigging needles required, just rig, add a dab of glue and your ready to fish. A favorite rig for finicky or short striking fish.



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