Q and A: Cod Fishing Tips

Question and Answer With Hogy Pro Staff

Question: What the best lure to imitae large oceanic sand eels?

 Answer: While we make imitative sand eel lures, our favorite is the 10″ Original fished on the HD Drop Shot rig.  The larger bait profile is more effective in deeper water which is darker, so color matters a little less. 10” Hogy soft baits make great oceanic sand eel imitations for cod fish. For what ever reason, Bubble gum is a top color for haddock lures.


Question: What’s the best jig to imitate a herring?

Answer: Same as above. Rig a drop shot rig above a diamond jig. The 10″ original is much bigger than your average teaser. Essentially allowing for two herring sized baits!


Question: What’s the best jig speed?

Answer:  Depends on what jig you are fishing. If you are fishing a drop shot rig, less is more. Let the sinker bouncing on the bottom give the soft bait action. As far as jigs go, sometimes less is more. Use a slow jigging speed for sluggish or finicky fish.

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