Customer Talk: Kayak Essential Collection

15 Minutes with: Shawn Egan


Here’s what we learned…Shawn Egan Hogy Kayak Striper Hobie Pro Angler 12

Location: Queens, New York


Kayak you fish: Hobie Pro Angler 12

Keeping it simple, both in approach and the equipment you bring.  I found over the last two years that is it best to keep the Lures that work and produce and eliminate all the others, as tempting as they may be.


Essential Lures For The Kayak

Hogy® SI Perfect Tubes

When do you use: I troll Hogy Tube all the time.  Tipped with a “real” worm or a gulp product.  I sometime troll two tubes or a Tube with another lure (soft plastic, or a swimming plug).

Tips for this lure:

  • Keep it slow allowing the lures movement (undulation caused by the shape of the wire) to attract the fish.
  • Do not be in a hurry to touch the rod until the fish has been on for 3 – 5 seconds after the initial hit.  Sometimes they grab it above the hook and need time to slide down.
  • Use a weighted keel when you need to go deeper (1/4 to ¾ oz).
  • Use an 18 – 24 inch length heavy fluorocarbon leader (at least 100lb test) with a barrel swivel on both ends, this I find eliminates line twist on my braided main line.


Hogy® Soft Baits

Hogy Kayak Soft Baits

When do you use: Great for trolling on either a weighted or un-weighted hook.  Also for jigging to increase the Jigs profile.  Too bad the blues love them as much as the bass do!!

Tips for this lure: These lures are great when false albacore are around.  Weighted or un-weighted, cast them out and reel them in at a good clip and hold.



When do you use: Who doesn’t like running into a blitz!!  I keep a few select poppers with me for those times.  When the fish are blitzing, there is nothing like having bass and blues crush poppers on the surface.

Tips for this lure:  If you are having trouble getting the fish to hit your popper during a blitz, try slowing down.  A few pops the let it sit for a few seconds.  Or change the rhyme of the popping and retrieve until you hit on what they want.


Swimming Plugs

When do you use: – I like trolling a swimming plug (with or without a lip) as sometime the fish just prefer a swimmer.  Also when I now there a spearing or peanut bunker as the food source.  I was in a bass blitz one day and the only thing they would take as a swimmer.  Glad I had it.

Tips for this lure:  Work the lure with short jerks of the rod tip to give it more erratic action.



Hogy Kayak Lures

When do you use: – When I think the fish are deep and want something slower.  Or to get under the bluefish.

Tips for this lure: I will put Hogy® plastic on the jig and bounce it off the bottom or give it a bounce like retrieve back to the yak.



When do you use?: When the blues are thick and blitzing and I want to do some fast fishing.  Tins allow for a medium to fast retrieve, quick hookups and fast releases.

Tips for this lure: Sometime a little slower is better, especially if there are bass mixed in bluefish.



Preferred Rod Style: I like 7 to 7.5 foot rods, both Spin and bait casting

Why do you like it?  I like the distance I get when casting.

Advantages for kayak anglers: The longer rods enables me to get the line from side to side as the fish runs around the Kayak.

Preferred Reel: I do not have a preferred reel brand.  I look for a best reel I can afford (Spinning, Casting and/or Conventional).  I read reviews and look for products that last, can stand up to the elements of salt water.

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One comment on “Customer Talk: Kayak Essential Collection
  1. Bob Riegl says:

    Having fished with the “machine” for several years, I can attest to his successes. He is one of the most apt enthusiasts I have been privileged to know and fish with. His words are based upon real experiences and devotion to his pastime…..Bob R.

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