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Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass Derby

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Hogy Derby Best Bets


Unweighted Original Series

Striper Derby 10inch Original Barbarian Diagram

Fish them rip with the tip pointed toward the water. The larger the bait, the faster you fish it. I fish the 14″ almost albie fast.

  • The Surf: Big soft baits are great eel alternatives in the surf and often produce leading fish each year in the derby. The 14” version weighs almost 2oz and is a serious contender for fishing the short game around ditches and boulders.


Rigging Recommendations:

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Jiggin’ Paddle Series

Derby Barb Rigged 7inch Thumper

Fish these baits very slow.

  • Boat: In a boat, I like to drift in 10 or more feet of water and bounce the baits over structure in a very slow jigging pattern. Short rise and fall with the rod time with a slow retrieve. Let the bait drop over structure and the paddle will have a seductive strike inducing wobble. In deeper water, dropping the baits over targets on your fish finder is an excellent way to target big fish.
  • Shore: Jig head rigged baits are great for fishing sand and gravely beaches with longer rods. Fish them anywhere you would a bucktail, and bounce them on the bottom with a slow steady retrieve.


Advantages to the Oversized 7” Paddle:

  • Large paddle create more vibration in the water that draws strikes.
  • Large paddle slows the decent of the bait when on the drop. Looks more natural
  • They can be rigged on the barbarian jig head, that will NOT ever straighten on a striper.

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SI Perfect Tubes

Perfect Tube Diagram

The Tube: Tubes have been around forever and have been catching massive stripers ever since. We launched this tube late last summer and today is one of our best selling products. This tube has a “perfect” wobble built right in. Tip them with a sea worm and fish them at idle speeds with the current. OTW TUBE AND WORM VIDEO

 – -

SI Epoxy Jigs

Epoxy Jigs: We brought a classic back. We are the only company we know of that makes this bonito albie classic. These lures cast a country mile. Unlike a metal lure, they can be fished with a medium retrieve. If you’ve fished epoxy lures before, you know what we are talking about. If not, try them and get back to us.

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