Doublewide Series: These chubby baits are designed to mimic large baitfish with wide profiles. Due to their weight relative to their length, the Hogy® DW will OUT-CAST any other soft-bait of its type. Perfect for the big game hunter with heavy gear. Throw them a mile!


7” Unrigged Weight: 1 1/4oz




The mini-big bait. Throw it on lighter gear but show a big profile. Walk the dog!

10” Unrigged Weight: 2 1/2oz



Big Bait, Big Fish. The 10” Doublewide is the popular bait for casting to tuna, on heavy surf gear or in windy conditions.

14” Unrigged Weight:  6oz





The mammoth is the soft bait equivalent of a Howaster.

Click for Rigging Chart

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