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If you’re not from New England – or perhaps even if you are – you may have no experience with these great little add-ons. They’ve been in use in one form or another for generations around here, first used to add action to dead eels or eel skins. Swim tins really have three functions: as a weight, to impart sinuous side-to-side motion, and as a strong housing for a hook.

Made with a jig hook with the eye of the hook protruding up through the top of the tin, that eye was originally used as a place to tie on an extra hook rigged on a piece of Dacron line that would then function as a “stinger” in the dead eel or eels skin. What we discovered was that by attaching one of our stainless, extra strong screw-type Bait Keepers to the eye, attaching a Hogy® to that, then running the hook point up through the Hogy a bit farther back we had a superb and effective way to present our baits.


The concave shape of the tin with a “keel” molded in to the bottom makes the bait swim from side to side. How much swimming motion it imparts to the Hogy® depends on the rate of retrieve or the boat speed when trolling. And that brings up another plus: unlike some weights that are designed to be only cast and retrieved, or only trolled, swim tins can be used either way!

For some species such as striped bass a slow, eel-like, side-to-side movement is best; offshore when targeting faster fish such as tuna, wahoo or mahi a faster, more vigorous action is desirable. Swim tins easily can do both types of presentations. No imparted action by the fisherman is necessary or even desirable – tins are designed to take all the work out of dialing in the perfect movement of the lure.


We offer Hogy Swim Tins in six sizes, from a tiny ½-ounce version for use with our smallest baits all the way up to a huge 7-ounce model that will swim our largest and heaviest baits. Color choices are black (most popular), white and natural silver/gray.

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