Fishing Hogy® Soft Baits by Species

Just a few Hogy® Recommendations….


TarponBig tarpon love Hogy® Soft Baits! The 7″ Hogy® rigged Texas style on a large offset worm hook is deadly on baby tarpon. For larger fish, we STRONGLY recommend the 10″ and 14″ Original Hogy® Soft Baits. Black, bone and Amber are our favorites.


TunaHogy® Soft Baits make great casting baits to breaking school tuna. The 10″ Double Wide Hogy® is HOT. Anglers also troll the 10” and 14” tandem rigged Hogy® Soft Baits with great success. Daisy chains and spreader bars rigged with Hogy® Soft Baits are the ticket when tuna are keyed in on sand eels or very small squid. You’ll be amazed by how well they simulate a bait ball.

Striped Bass

Striped BassHogy® Soft Baits were originally designed and field-tested while fishing for striped bass. We routinely cast, drift and troll Hogy® for stripers and just about every Hogy® product has produced large striped bass.

Bonito and False Albacore

BonitoThe 6” and 7″ Hogy® Soft Baits are deadly on false albacore and bonito – in fact it is the best albie lure we have ever used! Fish it hard and fast with the tip of the rod pointed at the water. The Hogy® will dance and quiver – looking just like a wounded baitfish fleeing for its life.

Calico Bass

Calico Bass

Hogy® Soft Baits have proven to be irresistible to calicos in the kelp beds off the West Coast. We prefer to fish them “weedless,” casting the bait onto the beads and working them out using a “walk the dog” retrieve.


GrouperA soft bait big enough to fit on a very large jig head is very effective technique for huge grouper and cubera snappers and anglers in Florida fish our Hogy® Lobsters on big jigs. We also like fishing Hogys near structure as a top water bait for grouper. In shore, 7” and 10” Hogy® Soft Baits have been the most effective baits for us.


HalibutThe Jiggn’ Hogy® is great on large Jig heads as a deadly bottom bouncer for halibut. Amber and chartreuse are our most popular colors. Also try the Hogy® Flounder on a dropper loop above your jig.


SnookDon’t be afraid of the size of the Hogy®. Snook aren’t!! We recommend 7″ Hogy® Soft Baits rigged Texas style for these fish; go 10″ if you’re looking for a “slob.” The size and shape of the 7″ Hogy® makes a great mullet imitation. Fish them faster than you would smaller soft baits. You’ll be amazed by how far a snook will follow away from structure to hit the 7″ Hogy®.


RedfishBig redfish love Hogy® Soft Baits. We’ve done the best with amber and chartreuse 6” Skinny Hogy® and the 7” Original Hogy® Soft Baits on the flats with a slow “walk-the-dog” retrieve.

Amberjacks and GT

AmberjackThe 10” Jiggn’ Hogy® Swim bait fished “poppin’ ” style over reefs does the trick. The key is to fish them hard and fast, making that Hogy® pop and crash across on the surface. Use the same Hogy® on a large jig head if they’re holding deep.


CobiaThe 10”, 14” and 18″ Hogy® Soft Baits are fantastic eel imitations for trophy cobia hunting. Black, Black Pearl, Amber and Chartreuse are by far our biggest sellers with cobia anglers. We recommend tandem rigging our larger baits while sight fishing for cobia but if the fish are hanging deep, the Jiggn’ Hogy® is the way to go.

Cod and Haddock

CodThe Jiggn’ Hogy® is great on large Jig heads as a deadly bottom bouncer for halibut. Amber and chartreuse are our most popular colors. Also try the Hogy® Flounder or 10” Hogy® Original on our drop shot rig above your jig.

All Pelagic Species

MarlinHogy® Soft Baits make a fantastic strip bait or ballyhoo alternative when rigged behind a trolling head. Hogy® Soft Baits can also be rigged on spreader bars, daisy chains and dredge bars. They are also a fantastic pitch bait.

Largemouth Bass

Large Mouth BassThe 7″ and 10″ Texas-rigged Hogy® Soft Baits have been proven to be deadly on largemouth bass. Don’t be afraid to “fish big” for these aggressive fish. Trophy hunters in the South love the 14” Hogy® as an imitator of snakes.

Smallmouth Bass

Small Mouth BassAlthough a little bigger than most baits for smallies our 6” Skinny and 7″ Original Series are extremely popular with smallmouth bass anglers who target trophies. Amber is our biggest seller.

Pike and Musky

MuskyThe 10″ and the 14″ are the proven sizes for these toothy critters. We recommend braided cable rigs when fishing for Muskies. In weedy situations, try a Texas-rigged 10″ Hogy® and the tandem rigged 14″ Hogy® in open water to draw more attention. Hogy® Insert Rattles drive them crazy!

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