Fan Talk: Hogy’s For Savannah River Stripers

15 minutes with Hogy® Fan Larry w.

Here is what we learned:

Even though my partner and I fish for large mouth year round, Summer is striper time for us. We fish Lake Russell below the Hartwell dam on the Savannah River.  The water is 52-56 degrees when released.

We fish heavy action bait casting and spinning reels loaded with suffix clear 17 lb line.  We use the bone Hogy® 7inch Original rigged with The 6/0 Soft Circle Hook.  These baits suspend perfectly and walk the dog in a slow tantalizing way.  These fish are very finicky and hard to catch in this crystal clear water and the weight of Hogy® 7inch Original allows for long casts.

Just like Muskie, these fish take great patience and hundreds of casts for every hook up.  Landing one in the river with all the snags takes a great deal of experience and a strong trolling motor.  Try Hogy® 7inch Original with The 6/0 Soft Circle Hook.    Also, we have great success with The Hogy® 6″ Skinny for large mouth bass.

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