Pro Talk: Floating Soft baits in the Rips with Capt.Terry Nugent

15 Minutes: Floating Softbaits in the Rips

Guide: Capt. Terry Nugent


Location: Cape Cod

Tides: It’s best to arrive at a rip when the current speed just hit’s .5knts. Then fish the rip through the tide.

Approach: When we fish a rip line I generally try to drift the rip rather than stem the tide.  I find its easier for my sports to fight and land the fish when they are not fighting the current as well as the fish.  This also forces me to re-evaluate where my next setup will be rather than staying static in one section of the rip.

Rigging Selection: Hogy® 12/0 Unweighted Barbarian Swim Bait Hook

Bait Selection: Hogy® 10inch Floating DoubleWide



Why this bait? The added weight and floating ability of this bait allow for long casts and great surface presentation.

Color Selection: Bubble Gum or Bone

Retrieve: Since the one of the primary baits in the rip is squid and they are a very fast moving bait, I have my anglers work the bait very fast with a high rod tip. This gets the fishes attention as the lure jumps and splashes just like the squid.  This does however make it hard for the fish to catch the lure.  They will swing and miss at he bait over and over.  While this is exciting it doesn’t put hooks in the fish.  So as the fish swats at the lure I have my sports quickly lower the rod tip while continuing the fast retrieve.  This quick lowering of the tip slows the bait just a bit and is usually all that’s needed to “feed” the lure to the fish.  Once you get this technique down you can tease the fish for long distances and enjoy the repeated strikes, then just before your lure gets to the boat you can feed the fish and hook him up.




Rod: 7′ 2″ Shimano Waxwing Rod. 15lb – 30lb.

Reel: Shimano Saragosa 6000 or Sustain FG 5000

Line: 30lb – 50lb Braided line depending on the size of the fish. 40lb – 60lb Fluorocarbon leader tied via double uni knot.


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