Best Sellers: Summer Founder (Fluke) Lures

Depending on where your from, you know these flatties as flounder -or- fluke, their more Northern nick name. Regardless of where you’re from, big doormat fluke are some of the most aggressive fish down there! Summer flounder (fluke) are often associated with bait fishing but also respond very well to artificial. In shallow back country locales, we like the smaller baits om chartreuse, bubble gum, bone and amber. In deeper water, we step up to the 10inch class baits.


Top Ranked Fluke Lures:

Sand Eel Diagram 640px

Hogy® Sand Eel Series: These hard to beat imitations are perfecting imitators of small sand eels, rain bait and other small forage. Ideal for rigging on our small weighted swim bait hooks and jig heads.

7inch Original Series Diagram

Hogy® 7inch Original Series: Big enough for casting on heavy gear, these life like baits drive big flounder crazy. Bubble Gum, Bone and Black are the top colors.


Top Ranked Fluke Rigging:

xStrong swim bait Diagram

Hogy® X-Strong Swim Bait Hook: This Needle sharp hook will get the job done. Perfect for a weedless presentation. Heavy-duty bait keeper suitable for holding large soft-baits.

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