Gear Talk: Hogy® Best In Class Roll Up Bags


Product Name: 12” Roll Up Hogy best In Class Bag Red Roll Up 550


Pro Staff Angler and website:

Review By Captain Dave Peros



Location of Where Product Is Used:

Cape Cod, MA



Model/Size: 12” Model (For soft baits 10” and under)

Weight: 4oz



Field Experience:

How long have you used (Product) for: 1 Season

Experience: One of the greatest challenges I face as a captain who operates a small boat with limited storage space is how to manage the large numbers of lures I carry, particular Hogy soft plastics. I have tried plastic lure boxes and storage bags, but neither really did the trick in terms of providing sufficient storage and ease of access to my Hogy’s. But when Mike offered me a couple of samples of his lure bags, all my problems disappeared; not only could I carry all the baits I needed, but the Velcro closures for each oversized compartment made getting out the Hogy’s I needed a snap and the wrap around straps made securing the contents no problem, as well as producing an easy to carry, easy to store supply of plastics. Add in the fact that I could use different colors to keep track of which bag carried Skinny’s and on down the line and that unrolling the bag at the end of each trip made it easy to check on which colors and sizes I had to restock, and Hogy’s lure bags proved to be the top new product that I used in 2012.


Field Notes:

Performance: Roll up soft bait bag for easy organized access to soft baits.

Ease of use / maintenance: These things are bullet proof!


  • Colors: multiple colors for a coded tackle system
  • Size and Fit: Baits are sized for softbaits. Various sizes. Oversized for easy bait access.
  • Shape: Roll up design jives well with my existing soft tackle storage system.

Pros and Cons:

Pros: Easy to use, bullet proof

Cons: I’m a professional who fishes over 150 days per season. I need a bulk version to carry 50 baits per size and color.



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