25 Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Fishermen

The best gifts for fishermen are always those that are practical and effective or perhaps “top shelf” items not always purchased by frugal anglers with budgets in mind. We carefully selected and suggest some of our most popular products – sure to find a place in any fisherman’s bag of tricks. Best of all, they’re all less than $25!

For the Inshore or Shore Angler:

  1. 10” Original Hogy, Bone: Our number-one selling soft bait. This lure works on just about any species big enough to be worth catching.
  2. 5” Flounder: This unusual lure is sure to interest saltwater anglers who fish for grouper, cobia, striped bass or cod.
  3. 10” Jiggin Hogy: Great for surf fishermen.
  4. Barbarian Jig Heads: Every saltwater fisherman uses jig heads with soft plastics. These are the best. Super sharp, super strong, made in USA.
  5. Barbarian Swim Bait Hooks: Hands down, the best top-water hooks on the market. Easy to use, strong and sharp.
  6. 1-ounce Swimming Tin: A new tweak to a very old design.  White is our newest color and looks like a fish belly.
  7. 4.6” Sand Eels: These designer fishing lures were new this year and have become an instant classic.
  8. 7” Sand eels: Bigger sand eels for bigger fish.
  9. Split Ring Pliers: The best on the market. These split ring pliers are great gifts for serious anglers who modify their fishing lures.
  10. SI Perfect Tube: Does your angler have a boat? These are the highest quality tubes on the market.

For the Offshore or Big Boat Angler

  1. Green Machine: This tuna lure has been around since anglers began using artificial lures for tuna. Ours are double thick and feature modern colors.
  2. Cedar Plug: Old fashioned classic. One of the more under-utilized but effective lures ever produced.
  3. Offshore Crimpers: Every saltwater angler can use a pair of crimpers. Cut hooks and crimp leaders with these.
  4. Blue Max: Our top tuna producer. Made with a Joe Shute head, hand made in North Carolina.
  5. Offshore Split Ring Pliers: Big plier for big split rings.
  6. Pre-Cut Leaders: These are pre-cut to standard lengths. Great for rigging on the boat.
  7. Painted Jigs: The most durable and fish-enticing jigs out there. Fishermen can always use more.
  8. Assist Hooks: For use on unrigged jigs. Laser sharp, tuna strong.
  9. Ball Bearing Snaps: Used to connect tuna lures. Ball bearings minimize line twist and tangles.
  10. Ball Bearing Swivels:  An absolute essential to avoid twisted line.
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