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Grouper eat their prey whole. With big jaws and super strong gill muscles, they are quite good at it. Grouper are big lazy fish and lay in wait till something worth while comes their way. Obviously a bigger bait will be more enticing to motivate a strike. That’s where the big soft baits come into play. A big target is easy to see, easy to grab. The other advantages to big soft baits is the various ways you can rig them to target grouper around structure. Make sure you’re using heavy gear to muscle these fish out of their element or they will cut you off. Tips Articles

 Hogy® Pro Staff Top Grouper Picks Here.


Top Ranked Grouper Lures:


5″ Hogy® Flounder:  Grouper are accustomed to preying on juvenile flounder around reeks and structure. Heavily pounded grouper are not accustomed to artificial flounders, as a result finicky grouper are often more inclined to strike. Whether you are trying to imitate a winter flounder, baby fluke or a sand dab, we have you covered.

10inch Hogy® Jiggin: With it’s long slender tail, the Jiggin’ Series baits make ideal imitators of large bait fish and small eels. While grouper have proved to like many colors, the basics seem to out fish the more exotic colors. Our pro-staff fishes Black, Blamber and Bone as their top grouper lures. The Jiggin’ Series baits are designed to fit large grouper jigs.



Top Ranked Grouper Rigging


Hogy® Drop Shot Rig: Target

fish hanging on the bottom. Our drop-shot rigs are crimped directly in-line for maximum action.  The all new HD series drop shot rig features chafing gear, 220lb sball bearing swivels and a 4x strong split ring that allow for heaving hauling of large fish out of the rocks or structure. This rig is a rust for any grouper angler accustomed to fishing soft baits. Easier to fish than jigs. Video here.

Hogy ®Darter Head: 

A hybrid Jig. Simply screw the bait onto the head an your in business. These heads feature BIG GAME busting 3x-strong short shank hooks. We recommend a 6oz version for Grouper fishing in over 80 feet of water. Lazer sharp hooks. Straight pull from nose resulting in unique side to side action. Wide gap hook for superior hook sets. The darter is suitable for both the Jiggin Serires soft baits and the Hogy Flounder 5″ and 8″ models.

Hogy® Barbarian Jig: 

The unique design of the technical locking curve allows a maximum transfer of energy towards the point while setting the hook. This results in a faster and more effortless penetration of the point and up to 25% improved hooking rate. This hook is strong enough for tuna, but ergonomic enough for jigging for grouper. The long shank of the 10/0 hook helps minimize short strikes on our Jiggin Series baits. Also suitable for rigging with the Hogy Flounders.

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