Today’s voice to text fishing report on my iPhone from the water :
Not a bad day out on the water; 4 nice 20 pound fish in about 45 minutes. The Squid run is in effect in all the usual places in Martha’s Vineyard sound. If you’re coming this way I recommend middle ground and Woods Hole and all the shoals that hold squid and stripers this time year – they are here!


I chose The Hogy® 10″ Bubble Gum Double Wide with The 10/0 Un-Weighted Swim Bait Hook because the extra size allowed me to cast into rips and fish the swing. The water was really weedy so I needed to use the bubblegum for visibility. They were hot on Amber but there was too many weeds from all the squid draggers that that fish vineyard sound this time of year.




The weedless hook was key. I tied it directly to the leader with the loop knot. I felt the snap would only increase my weeds. The double wide was nice for extra distance and I think the size and girth increase my visibility in weedy conditions. The 10inch Double Wide is an oldie but goodie, I love it.

Tell a little bit cold and rainy the overcast conditions were great. The extra calm water allowed me to video a couple of our new standard issue products. Here’s our new heavy-duty shad umbrella, please pardon the quality of the video I filmed that from my iPhone. Time to get back to fishing, send us an email if you have any questions about our techniques and and where I am fishing.
Capt. Mike


New Standard Issue Tackle – HD Shad Umbrella Rig