Q and A: Grouper Fishing Tips

Question and Answer With Hogy Pro Staff

(updated as we get questions) last updated 1/13/2013


Question: I can’t believe that the flounder really works for grouper. Seriously??

Answer: No joke. It’s the best kept secret going. (Unfortunately for us…) Grouper love juvenile Flounders. THe 5″ is our best seller. We recommend jig heads with 2x or stronger hooks sucha as our Barbarian Series for  hauling larger grouper out of holes.  Drop Shot Rigs can very effective when drifting over live bottom areas as it keeps the flounder suspended over the bottom. The new HD Drop shot rig is designed for hauling huge fish.

Question: I have heard about eel baits killing grouper. I see you have lot’s of options, what are my best bets?

Answer: It depends how your fishing. If jigging, we recommend Hogy Jiggin series soft baits paired with our Brabarian jigs. Black, Amber and Bone are top producing colors for grouper. When jigging, make sure to jig all the way up, grouper are known to chase baits far off the bottom.

Question: What knot do you recommend for Grouper lures?

Anser: Use a loop knot when connecting your bait, it offers much more action.




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2 comments on “Q and A: Grouper Fishing Tips
  1. do you have a preferred method to hook up for trolling rig for your flounder. I would like to try it. any suggestions?

    • Ross says:

      The flounders are best fished with a slow jigging motion. They work great when drifting an area using the 2oz Deep Darter Head or Drop Shot Rig. I think you will loose much of the action if you tried to troll the flounder with any speed.

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