Q and A: Mahi Fishing Tips

Question and Answer With Hogy Pro Staff

(updated as we get questions) last updated 1/13/2012


Question:I am going to make my own daisy chain using 10 inch Hogy® Originals .  What size bait keepers would you recommend LG, XLG…Any color recommendations for dolphin trolling lures?

Answer: Both the XL and the XXL are suitable for your application for using our 10inch Hogy® Originals. If you plan on using largersoft baits or ones with paddle-tails, I recommend using the XXL. As far as the best color for dolphin, I always do best with bone and bubble gum. Check out this link on making your own: http://www.hogylures.com/rig-big-game-slow-troll/#more-2049


Question:What’s the best lure for casting to mahi mahi in or around weed-lines?

Answer: 7inch 10inch Original make great pitch baits for weed-lines. For this method of fishing, we recommend the swim bait series hooks as they allow for weedless rigging. These fish can be spooky. We really recommend flouro leaders.

Question: What are your best lures for troling for mahi mahi?

Answer: 1oz Blue Max Trolling heads are deadly. Bubble Gum, Bally Smoke and Chartreuse are top producers.

Question: What’s the best  retrieve speed for mahi mahi?

Answer: Mahi are very fast swimmers, don’t be afraid to work that bait at break neck speed. Point your tip toward the water and start cranking as fast as you can!




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