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Question: What’s the best color to imitate herring?

Answer:  Herring – hungry stripers respond to bone colored baits.

Question: What’s the best color to imitate squid?

Answer: Although squid out of the water is white, squid, in their natural habitat are a translucent amber color. Think amber for stripers when they are keyed in on squid.

Question: How fast do I fish large soft baits?

Answer:  The bigger the soft bait, the faster your retrieve should be. If a bait is moving fast, a striper will have to make a faster decision to commit to it with less time to look at it. Furthermore, in order to head it off, the striper will have to hit at the head of the bait. i.e. where the hook is. So in a nutshell, big stripers will be more likely to eat  your lure and get hooked doing so. We like that!

Question: When is a good time to Jig for stripers?

Answer:  Vertical jigging for stripers is often best during the slower stages of the tide. Not only will you need less weight to fish bigger soft baits, you have more “drift time” over the structure you are fishing. When vertical jigging soft baits for stripers, we recommend that you keep in contact with the bottom. You’ll have to frequently adjust your line to accommodate for drift and depth change. Worth the effort.

Question: What’s a good 3-way Rig Alternative off Montauk?

First off, I’d just like to say that you guys make an amazing product. Since fishing my first Hogy this past summer, they have solidified a permanent place in my tackle box.

I’m looking for a recommendation though, and I figured who better to give it than the guys responsible for making these lures. I do a lot of boat fishing off Montauk point. Serious striper action out there, as I’m sure you already know. we usually drift live eels in 30 to 40ft of water, but I’m really looking to give the Hogy a shot out there in the rips this season. What Hogy size and rigging would you suggest for bottom fishing for stripers out there? Any help would be great. Thanks a lot guys, Anthony

Answer:  Anthony -Thanks for reaching out to us and thanks for the complements too.

Our Hogy Jiggin’ Series is perfect for fishing stripers off Montauk. I suggest using the 10inch size as a standard, but don’t be afraid to use the larger 13inch. It’s big fish candy! At those deeper depths, using natural colors, such as the black, blamber or bone are great choices. Here is a link to The Jiggin’ Series Baits

As for rigging, our X – Strong and Barbarian Jig Heads will work perfectly for jigging on the drift. We have several sizes available, from one ounce up to four and a half ounces. Jig size will depend on current/tidal conditions, but generally, it’s best to use the lightest possible jig while maintaining contact with the bottom. Hogy Jig Heads Lastly, you may also want to try the Hogy Drop Shot Rig, you can add as much weight as you like and have the soft vbait suspended just a few feet off the surface.

Question: Can you tell me more about what leaders to use for stripers?

I was watching your videos using your Hogy® lures for Cod and Stripe Bass. You don’t mention the leader type. Are you using regular mono

leader or fluorocarbon??? I know Stripe Bass and Cod are line shy. Also, do you tip your lures with any bait or scent????? I was thinking of trying the 14 inch Hogy® for Bass at the southwest ledge of Block Island. It would be great if you didn’t need live eels any more. It does seem

that the monster Bass prefer live eels. I’ve tried Slugos in the past with no success. I use 6 feet of fluorocarbon line with a 3oz sinker and a live eel while drifting the rip. They tend to wrap around the line and make a figure 8 with their body. What a pain they are to deal with.

Answer: Mike -You bring up some good questions about what type and length of leader to use when fishing stripers. To put it simply, fluorocarbon would be my choice 99% of the time. Unfortunately, fluorocarbon isn’t cheap, but there are certain situations you can get by using a monofilament leader material just fine. Fluorocarbon offers advantages when targeting pressured or weary fish in clear water during in well lit conditions. It not only becomes nearly invisible in water, but it also has better abrasion resistance than similar weight mono. Using fluoro for pressured fish can make the difference between several bites in a day versus just a few.

When to use mono: I have no problem using mono in stained or murky water, low light, or when night fishing. During these conditions, fish are not going to notice the line and you may be able to get away with a heavier test line with out loosing bites.

Leader Length: This depends a bit on what technique your trying to impart. For your specific technique of drifting eels or eel imitating soft baits, using a leader from 6 – 8 feet would be fine. If your technique involves more vertical jigging and drifting than casting, you can use a leader 10 – 20 feet, this way you won’t have to retie as often while fishing.

When using casting techniques, generally, it’s best to have a leader that is shorter than your rod length. This helps prevent your line to line connection from getting caught in the rod guides while casting.Four rigs we particularly recommend for this application:


Question: What are the best size lures for imitating eels?

Answer: We have gained many loyal customers after they realized how easy and effective large eel imitating soft baits are for stripers. The 10inch and 14inch Hogy® Original have the same profile and serpentine action of live eels. The main difference between the two is how you can adjust the presentation and retrieve of a Hogy to draw a strike. Please check out this post for more information on Eel Imitating Soft Baits



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