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Question: What’s the best method for setting the hook on tarpon?

Answer: Tarpon inhale their prey. Set the hook on any sign of a hit. Even with the natural feel of the soft bait, you will be discharged amazingly fast. Crank down on your line the nano-second before setting the hook, this will drive the hook harder into their tough mouthes.

Question: What pound braid do you recommend for tarpon fishing?

Tip: We recommend 80lb Braid with 80lb fluorocarbon leader; at least a rod’s length.

Question: What knot do you use for tarpon?

Tip: A loop knot will ensure maximum action on your soft bait.


Question: Do you have a circle hook for soft baits that I can use on tarpon?

Tip: Yes, circle hooks can increase your landing ratio significantly. Just remember to reel up the slack on the strike, point your rod at the fish and let the initial run set the hook.

Question: I lose a ton of tarpon. How do I stop this?

Tip: It’s been said a thousand times, but it’s absolutely essential to “Bow to the King”. Be prepared to fully extend your arms and point the rod at a jumping fish. Tarpon can easily throw anything less than a perfect hook set. Using your arms as a shock absorber can be the difference between jumping a fish and actually landing one.

Question: What’s my best retrieve for tarpon fishing with soft baits?

Answer: When tarpon fishing with soft baits, keep your tip low for maximum soft bait action.




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