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Question: Should I blind cast when fish are not breaking?

 Answer: One of the advantages of big soft baits is that well, they’re big! If your casting to tuna and you don’t see any busting, don’t be afraid to blind cast. Big softbaits make a lot of commotion and they come in bright colors. In fact, I catch more fish blind casting that I do site casting to breaking fish. Don’t forget that tuna locales tend to have very clear water. Make them find you. IT WORKS!

Question: I ran into finicky tuna, all they wanted were sand eel imitations. Put out a couple sand eel soft baits on and I finally could one, but there were tons of breaking fish, I feel like I could have caught more. Any Tips?

Answer:  I know it’s hard to not hedge your bets in the spread with various colors, but by matching all the lures in your spread, you will more effectively simulate a bait ball effect. This technique is especially effective when tuna are keyed in on sand eels.

Question:What’s my best trolling speed with soft baits for tuna?

Answer: I always say the best speed is the one where your lures will look their best. You want the baits to undulate naturally in the water, but not be water skiing..  Usually this is about 4.5kts. But factor current, sea conditions etc. Play with your throttles. Try slowing way down then accelerating. Try accelerating away from a school of fish.


Question: What rig do I use for casting to tuna with soft baits?

Tip: When casting big soft baits to tuna, your rigging need only be strong. Keep it simple. For fish under 150 lbs we like the 8/0 soft circle hook and our 12/0 swim bait hook. For fish over 150 lbs. we like the 8/0 soft circle hook or the 8/0 weighted grip hook n



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