Technique: High Speeding Soft Baits

Fishing big soft baits FAST is a highly under utilized technique. I often say the bigger the soft bait, the faster you fishing. Living here on Cape Cod, some of my favorite fishing is along the Elizabeth Islands for big striped bass and by go to bait is the 14inch Hogy Original as it is a great eel imitation. However, contrary to how you fish eels (as slowly as you can..) the bigger soft baits should be ripped across the surface for the following reasons:

  1. You are giving them a big target that can be seen from far away. They faster your retrieve, the more ground you’ll cover
  2. Fishing baits FAST creates more commotion. Call them in! As that bait rips across the surface, it will dance and dart, kick and spit.
  3. Fish or cut bait. A fish that is going to commit must make a final decision quickly. NOTE: ¬†you’ll have fewer follows but get more committed strikes.
  4. Since the bait is moving so fast, the predator will have to head off its prey. A nip at the tail of a fast moving bait in nature would be unsuccessful. Why is your lure any different? Hooks are often at the front of the bait. A good thing…

Top Hooks for High Speed:

Soft Circle: will offer the most action BUT keep in mind you are using a circle hook. Just keep reeling until lining is ripping off the reel.

Swim Bait Hook: if you need a little weight for casting or keeping the bait tamed down a little in rough conditions.

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2 comments on “Technique: High Speeding Soft Baits
  1. Tony says:

    Thank you for the great technique!

  2. Tony says:

    Thank you for the great technique!

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