Pro Talk: How To Jig For Lake Trout with Bernie Keefe

15 Minutes with: Guide Bernie Keefe


Here’s what we learned…

Location: Lake Granby, Colorado

Tides: Frozen Tundra

Approach: Lakers bite all day, they are more sensitive to pressure (fishing) then anything else. I like to use a run and gun approach, hit an area hard. If the fish are there we stay a little longer, if we do not see anything we move through quicker. We find structure then “drill it up” sometimes drilling 50-60 holes on one hump.

Rigging Selection: The jig head depends on the depth and how fast the fish want it to drop. Generally a 1/2oz – 3/4oz jig head works fine.

Bait Selection: The Hogy® 10inch Jigging

Why this bait? The bait fish in the area (trout, salmon and suckers are 10”).

Colors: White, lakers love white, amber it’s a good natural color up here then black everything contrasts with black.

Retrieve:  Dead stick, watch your graph and your rod tip, slow jig then snap jigging. The fish will let you know what they want.

Rod: Jason Mitchel 40” heavy rods long sensitive rods to bury the hook in a bone hard mouth.

Reel:   Wright McGill Sabalos 25: Best drag on the market.

Line: Trilene 100% fluorocarbon 10 lb test, braids freeze up and fishing under 60 ft deep flouro works great

Lake Granby Lake Trout Ice Fishing Video

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