Technique: Jiggn’ Troll

Unlike the rest of the East Coast, if you’re from Cape Cod, Rhode Island or Montauk and you here reference to jigging, you automatically assume trolling. “Jiggin'” in New England is most commonly associated with wire line paired with a large bucktail to get down deep. It’s a great technique because you have some sense of angler control while trolling which is often associated with a “hands off” approach. If you miss a fish, you can quickly drop back to it.


What Line To Use?

Wire Line

Wire line is the most common as the advantages are that it cuts through the water and gets the bait down very quickly. Wire line can be used at depths up to 60′. People often complian about it because the disadvantages are that it’s heavy, prone to tangles and hard to work with.

Lead Core

Lead Core is my favorite as its advantages are that it’s easier to use, MUCH LIGHTER and as result is more fun. If you need to go deeper, you can add weight to the lure or take the boat out of gear. The clear disadvantages are that it simply doesn’t get as deep as wire.


Braid offers no depth at all so its most often used with very heavy lures and or in very shallow water.


Why Soft Baits? The Best Kept Secret!

Troll Naked! No, not you! We’re talking about your fishing lures… This technique is for the fan’s of the KISS model.  Softbaits have such a deadly action that they are often most effective rigged just by themselves.

Use the Jiggn’ Troll Method

One of the great advantages to lead-core lines is that they are less inclined to kink up.

Weedless Rigging

In a weedy situation, you can rig swimbait or texas style and fish through the weeds!

Lighter Outfits

You can use lighter gear. Our favorite rod for this method is a heavy musk rod.

Drop Technique

If you’re marking fish, you can take your boat out of gear to “drop down” on a fish. The un-weight Hogy® Hogy Softbait will have a really natural quiver as it descends toward the bottom. The Hogy Jiggn’ is perfectly paired with the Hogy xStrong Jig Heads and Deep Darter Heads.

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