Hogy Approved: Aubut 7’ Three-Piece Travel Rod (TS7Y12-3)


The fishing industry is a pretty small world and it just got smaller for me. It turns out my neighbor is jedi-rod maker Chris Aubut. Oddly, we have a number of friends in common but we never seemed to cross paths until the other day when I bumped into him at a local marina. I new him only by reputation for his not so top-secret any more tarpon rods that he sent to a top pro-staffer of ours in Key West, Aaron Snell. (more on those in a couple of months…)

Well… It didn’t take much coercing to get either one of us out on the water and in on some of the albie action that was still lingering in Woods Hole. Chris brought his fly rod and his sweet little 3 piece travel rod he just got back from the Bahamas. (It was designed for a recent bonefish excursion.)

I had my usual heavy-duty 8’outfits but was quickly under-gunned so to speak by the small bay anchovies the albies were on. I had to switch to the 4.6” sand eel, which are deadly but very hard to cast. That’s when Mr. Aubut hooked me up with the Maserati of light tackle outfits. (Also known as model # TS7Y12-3)

This rod was designed for bonefish, so in other words it was geared for throwing small baits to very finicky fish that swam like hell when hooked. Just what I was looking for… This rod flecked the little sand eel much further than I expected. When I hooked up, which was immediately, I soon realized how much power this rod had. I was able to put the boots to the albie, landing it quickly and healthily released. Sweet little stick. I want one!


Field Notes:

Action of rod for casting small lures and baits:

Extra fast or fast action rods are preferred for casting small lures. Quick loading blanks allow the angler to feel a light lure or presentation during the duration of the cast. These fast action blanks load through the tip section or the first third of a rod. High quality graphite blanks are just the beginning of what makes for an appropriate rod. Guide placement, guide ring size, guide height, and reel seat placement all play a major role in casting distance, accuracy and sensitivity.

Action of rod for working baits:

The three piece travel rod did well with the 4.5 sand eel. We had some finicky fish to feed. Casting distance and line angle made the difference. We noticed that when we were able keep the leader out of the water we were much more likely to get a bite. The fast tip of the travel rod allowed us to work the lure properly and keep the leader out of sight.

Action of rod for fighting fish:

The Travel rod is very light in the hand but is surprisingly strong. The Ferrules add a bit of stiffness to the rod which is noticeable when you are fighting a fish. A fair amount of side or lateral pressure can be applied to the rod which will turn most saltwater species up to 15 lbs.

General notes for Rod:

The 3 piece travel rod is perfect to take along in the trunk of your vehicle or the overhead compartment of an airplane.  The rod will work well for all species up to 15lbs, including Bonefish, Red Fish, Striped Bass, and Snook.  Light presentations are a snap of the wrist as this is a very sensitive fast loading rod that will cast light lures accurately at long distances.


  • 7’0” 3 Piece Fast Action Spinning Rod, Medium Light Power
  • Designed to be fished with 6-12 LB line.
  • 1/4 to 5/8 oz lures.
  • 2500 to 3000 size spinning reels
  •  8 to 10 LB braided lines fish well with this rod.


Where to buy 

The link to the rod is www.aubutrods.com/products-page/light-action-spinning-rods/travel-spin/

Email chris@aubutrods.com

Call Chris Aubut (305) 797-5442

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