The Hogy® Mini Squid is designed accommodate an number of different rigs. Using a blend of plastic that is significantly softer than usual, these baits are hand poured to ensure proper coloration.  The Hogy® Mini Squids translucent quality truly mimics the delicate nature of squids.

The most popular ways to rig them are on small swim bait hooks, swimming tins and jig heads.

Length: 4.5”

Weight: .6oz

Recommended Rigs and Sizes

Hogy® Swim-Bait Hook: 5/0 Weighted
Hogy® Swim-Bait hook: 5/0 unweighted
Hogy® Jig Head: 1/2oz
Hogy® Soft Circle Hook 4/0


  1. Striper Mini Squid
  2. Striper Mini Squid Ink
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